Sales executive wins sex discrimination claim after being called useless for becoming pregnant

A senior sales executive has won a sex discrimination claim against her employer, after her boss called her “useless” for becoming pregnant.

Louise Manning could be awarded up to £200,000 after a tribunal in Kent heard how she was told that she would “never be the same again” when she became pregnant.

Her boss also sent her a memo saying: “Feel betrayed . . . Tempted to dismiss and take the consequences,” and cancelled her training to join the firm’s board of directors.

Manning was also demoted on two occasions while on maternity leave from her £55,000 a year sales position at Safetell, a supplier of security systems based in Dartford. And following three years at the company, she resigned last October.

The level of damages against Safetell will be decided at a tribunal in Ashford, next month.

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