SAP staff can customise own benefits

E-business software firm SAP is introducing a new system of flexible
benefits that allows staff to customise their benefits package.

From 1 July, the company’s 700 staff will be able to adjust holiday
allocation, life assurance and pension contribution and salary via the intranet
to suit their individual needs. Employees will be able to increase or decrease
one benefit at the expense of another.

Lisa Clark, HR director at SAP, believes that the move will help the company
recruit and retain quality staff. She said: "Who are we to dictate what
benefits our staff have? Who are we to say how much their pension contribution
has to be? It might suit an employee’s lifestyle to have a larger salary or
more holiday."

She added: "The aim is to tailor the HR strategy to the needs of the
individual so they get the best value from their benefits."

SAP will gradually increase the number of benefits available.

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