Saying the difficult things face-to-face – A Special Offer from 2WayTrust

2WayTrust Feedback was launched in December, and then 2WayTrust Appraisals and Leadership followed in January.  

In a matter of weeks the 2WayTrust range of HR solutions has created quite a stir.

2WayTrust Development Director Jacqui Martin said, “We have decided to offer a 25% discount because of the great response we have had in this short time.   HR Directors are not only interested in purchasing one product from us, they are after more, and this is down to the way they compliment each other whilst still being individual processes in their own right.”

She continued, “To take 2WayTrust Feedback and 2WayTrust Appraisals as an example, we have created a join between the two processes that we have found in our work with CEOs and Directors over the past few years is absolutely necessary in order to really drive up performance.   Individuals must take on, and own, difficult feedback and offer this themselves in their appraisals if they are to truly get on top of the behaviours that stand in the way of higher achievement.”

2WayTrust provide scripts that make it possible for you and your team to say the difficult – and the nice – things face-to-face!

They are all pdf based and don’t need to be translated by ‘professionals’. There’s no need for tricky evaluations or filling out mind numbingly boring boxes.

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