Scottish pay gap is largest in Europe

pay gap between men and women in Scotland is the largest in Europe, new figures

Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) said Scottish women earn 16.6 per cent
less per hour than men and 23.7 per cent less per week.

Scottish Executive admits the figures are unacceptable and said they are
"bad for the Scottish economy".

equal pay kit is to be launched to encourage employers to take positive action.

Arshad, Equal Opportunities Commissioner for Scotland, said: "After 32
years of equal pay legislation it is shameful that Scotland still has such a
large gap between men and women’s pay.

kit offers a step-by-step guide to putting the situation right. We know the
majority of employers don’t discriminate deliberately against women but pay
systems are complex and it is easy for discrimination to creep in.

EOC’s equal pay kit will enable employers to carry out a pay review and this is
the only way to make sure pay systems are fair."

By Quentin Reade

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