Scottish policies have no bite

Nearly two-thirds of private-sector companies in Scotland are equal opportunities employers in name only, it was claimed this week.

A survey of 500 employers by the Commission for Racial Equality shows that only about a third can identify any practical steps taken to put their equal opportunities policy into practice.

The commission found that for 61 per cent of organisations which consider themselves an equal opportunities employer, the policy consists of no more than a written – or, in some cases, unwritten – statement.

The report urges employers to develop racial equality programmes. It says the employer must follow this up by demonstrating to staff a commitment to the policy.

CRE deputy chair and commissioner in Scotland Dr Moussa Jogee said he hopes Scottish HR professionals will rise to the challenges outlined in the report.

He added, “We look to employers to take the recommendations in this report and make a reality of their spoken commitment to equality practices.”

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