Screens wind up readers

Personnel Today has been inundated with angry responses to its news story
‘Screens could be key to unbiased interview process’ (News, 1 April).

It highlighted a proposed European directive that would force employers to
conduct interviews from behind screens to eliminate visual discrimination.

HR manager Sarah believes she will struggle to sell the benefits to her
organisation, and called it "complete madness".

The overwhelming majority of our readers agree. Nine in 10 of the 170
practitioners who voted believe screens are a bad idea.

John, a senior HR officer, said: "How can you assess their interaction
skills? This is one of Europe’s more stupid ideas."

But it was not Europe’s idea – it was ours. While a number of you noted the
date and correctly rearranged the letters of ‘commissioner’ Olaf Porli, many of
you didn’t. Hopefully, you will forgive us the April Fool.

HR director Andy suggests that wearing balaclavas is the only way forward.
And Sandra commented: "Very good April Fool, but one day – who knows?"

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