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Need more information on knowledge management? We’ve searched the Net for
sites that will help get you started

KM News
No-frills site from Hoyt Consulting that cuts straight to the point with clear
information and a free newsletter. It also lists links, books and events on the

Respected US company Buckman Laboratories’ website grants everyone (customers
and non-customers) entrance into the Buckman Room, where you can share their
success stories and get good advice.

Knowledge Management Resource Center
The site’s Knowledge Management Explorer is ideal for those new to the subject
with the home page divided into 17 categories. These include case studies,
knowledge markets, publications, universities, search engines and portals.

Intelligent KM
Lively news, features and general information. While US-based, the news is
global and features are contributed from relevant publications, so it offers a
good overview.

KM Tool
Editor Jennie Starr has been doing sterling work since 1999 when this site was
launched. It aims to help with planning knowledge management and sets out to
share interesting links, reading material and vendor information with friends
and colleagues.

The Knowledge Management Think Tank
A virtual community for knowledge managers and related professionals, endorsed
by heavyweights, Business Week, Fortune, Fast Company, and Wall Street Journal.
You have to join the network to take part but as an epicentre for knowledge
management analysis and discussion on the Web, it is well worth it.

David Skyrme Associates
Consultancy David Skyrme Associates has put together a collective of online
resources, publications and links which, it admits, "isn’t
exhaustive". There may be bigger resources on the Web, but this one has
taken the trouble to review and provide background on many of them.

K Windows
Another commendable portal with sites reviewed, rated and grouped into basic,
intermediate and expert levels. Features an eclectic mix of articles, resources
and links from far and wide.

Knowledge Management
This site’s preference would be for you to take out a subscription to the print
version, but you can read some of the current issue – and request a sample

FT Dynamo
Former Website of the Week, this link offers the latest management thinking and
wisdom. Steeped in all things knowledge-related, it costs to subscribe to the
service, but you can take out a free two-week trial which gives full access to
the site.

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