Seasonal injury pattern

HSE research highlights increase in injury rates during winter months

There are strong seasonal variations in workplace injury rates according to
the HSE.

The research into workplace injury rates, carried out by the University of
Warwick found that workplace injury rates are higher than average during the
autumn and winter months (except for December).

It explains this seasonal variation by increases in the number of hours
worked by employees. It also showed that the injury rate and total numbers of
injuries tend to increase in times of higher economic growth and fall as growth

Analysis of workplace injury rates by region and country found no special
risks. Any differences in injury rates can be attributed to the nature of the
industries occupations or characteristics of the job holders in each area,
researchers found.

The HSE plans to hold four public seminars in Bootle, Cardiff, Edinburgh and
London to discuss the results.

Seminars: Syeda Alam, HSE Strategic Support Branch 020-7717 6420 HSE
Infoline 08701 545500.

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