Sector skills council for food manufacturing, Improve, launches National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) and Scottish Vocational Qualification (SVQ)

A new raft of vocational qualifications in food manufacturing is set to be unveiled to employers by Improve, the sector’s skills council.

Improve will launch its framework for National Vocational Qualifications and Scottish Vocational Qualifications (NVQs and SVQs) in Food Manufacture over the coming weeks.

At Level 2, replacing existing qualifications like those in meat and poultry, bakery, and general food and drink manufacturing, will be new ‘units’ of competence that can be combined to create any of 10 different pathways to a universally recognised NVQ or SVQ in Food Manufacture.

At Level 3, there will be six different pathways to the NVQ or SVQ.

The reforms are central to the qualifications framework for Food and Drink Manufacturing.

Jack Matthews, chief executive of Improve, said: “The tireless work that went into researching and devising the national occupational standards for food and drink manufacturing formed the backbone of this framework, which will now allow employers the flexibility they have wanted for so long.

“The system of accumulating units of learning is important because it recognises the limitations on study time available to those in employment.”

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