Sector skills council for the freight logistics industry Skills for Logistics calls on people to see it as the ‘green’ career option

Skills for Logistics, the sector skills council for the freight logistics industry, is calling on more people to consider the industry as a ‘green’ career option, instead of assuming it does more environmental harm than good.

In an effort to highlight the green credentials of the logistics industry, Skills for Logistics has produced a pack outlining examples of companies and individuals in the logistics sector who are making a positive impact on the planet.

Ian Hetherington, the council’s chief executive, said: “Typically, people looking for a career with green credentials have dismissed the logistics sector as one of the planet’s main polluters.

“What we’d like them to do is consider the many innovations already under way to make our industry more environmentally friendly, and the scope there is for future innovation to have a massive, positive impact.”

The pack shows examples of environmental improvement in action, including environmental career opportunities, skills development through fuel-efficient driving training, and the introduction of battery-powered vehicles for inner-city deliveries.

“Public perception of white van man as a polluter and environmental foe will only change when we can demonstrate attitudes are changing,” Hetherington said.

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