Security fears at Heathrow over agency workers

Transport and General Workers’ Union (T&G) has raised new security fears at
Heathrow Airport.

union claims the employment of agency staff at Menzies World Cargo undermines
tight security at the airport.

Hall, TGWU regional industrial organiser, said: “We are now very concerned that
this company should offer its customers, who include top names, such as
Lufthansa, EVA, Emirates and South African Airways, the highest level of

said fears arose after the company failed to give assurance that the Proflex
agency staff used met the same security and job qualifications as permanent employees.

T&G also claim anti-trade union practices are creeping into Menzies.
Recently 30 T&G members were suspended due to alleged time-keeping
irregularities after the trade union complaint over agency staff.

union said that last week it was told disciplinary action would be dropped if
it agreed to changes in working conditions that included the unrestricted use
of agency staff.

Yvonne Gleeson

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