Seductive charm is too hot for HR angel

While the story above shows the other side of the coin, Guru wants to make it clear that he isn’t one of those namby-pamby journalists who like to give both sides of the story. What was needed to rectify this ridiculously two-sided debate was a story which made it clear that failed interviews are entirely the fault of the candidate, and not the HR interviewer.

Once again, an e-angel came to the rescue in the form of this tale of woe (or perhaps that should be ‘whoa!’) from disciple Dawn.

Dear Guru,

Just thought I’d share part of a priceless interview I conducted last year while looking for a recruitment assistant.

The young lady concerned was doing quite well until I asked her: “If I asked your current work colleagues about you, what would they say?” She replied: “They would say I was honest, reliable, efficient and have a great pair of legs.”

Next: “How do you deal with difficult customers on the telephone?” Answer: “I am calm and understanding, but I can be seductive if I need to be.”

That’s a bit too spicy for our HR department.

Guru has to lament a missed opportunity to indulge in a bit of strategic HR. This mystery Mata Hari could no doubt have got the department very close to the board indeed… perhaps even on the board, if you catch Guru’s drift.

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