Senior managers map out future for next generation

number of the most senior managers at Securicor Cash Services have been
providing a series of masterclass training sessions for other managers to help
meet new business challenges.

company is expanding its area of operation beyond its traditional role of cash
handling and cash transportation to include till management, cash processing
and central banking services. Its staff also install and maintain a network of
hole-in-the-wall cash machines.

director Jenni Myles said the company’s increasing scope of activity meant
there was a need for excellent training and development across all levels to
ensure its people have the right skills to take the firm forward.

idea for senior managers to take a series of masterclasses on business
priorities came directly from the board of directors and has proved extremely
popular and effective.

date, masterclasses have been held on business strategy and automated teller
machine (ATM) product offerings. Additional sessions on cash in transit and
cash centres and security are currently being developed.

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