Seven in 10 human resource professionals ignore internet-based talent management tools preferring paper for HR initiatives

Human resources professionals still depend on paper-based HR initiatives despite an awareness of internet-based tools, research has found.

A survey conducted by Qikker Solutions, a provider of e-HR solutions, found that seven in 10 respondents are still rely on paper, despite an awareness of internet-based talent management tools by three-quarters of HR departments. The same proportion of respondents even budget for e-HR.

The survey of 52 senior HR directors and managers found cost to be that greatest hurdle in implementing e-HR, stated by half of respondents. Nearly four in 10 said there were no barriers to implementation, while 26% pointed to a lack of time to research what tools were available.

The survey effectively ruled out technology as a barrier to adoption of e-HR, as 87% of respondents said they had a supportive relationship with IT.

Mark Barlow, managing director at Qikker Solutions, said: “While 39% state that there is no barrier to implementation, there is still a serious lack of awareness in the HR community of the opportunity to remove that traditional ‘capital request’ roadblock.”

Michael Doolin, HR director of postal service Geopost, said: “The HR community has failed to embrace and leverage new products. Technology has driven the function rather than the other way around. This has meant that the sector is suspicious, afraid and not very confident.”

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