SHL Award for Global HR Strategy

For UK-based HR teams in
international organisations, this award celebrates excellence in human resource
management across borders. Entries needed to demonstrate an effective and
innovative approach to global HR issues. The judge looked for managing an
international team, high quality and consistency in international HR policies
or global recruitment strategies.

Category judge

Vance Kearney is the European
vice-president for HR at software giant Oracle. He has overall responsibility
for all aspects of human resources and staff policies, including salaries, pay
and benefits, terms and conditions, management and personal development,
recruitment and resourcing strategies, and business organisation. He is the
spokesman on all employment-related issues, and has a special interest in HR
systems, HR-related technology and people management.


The team

No. in HR team 12
Staff responsible for 450

Charles Macloud, Head of
Mike Craske, Global mobility manager
Jane Asplin, Global mobility assistant
Janet Gladman, Global mobility manager
Adrienne Cordrey, Global mobility assistant
Marc Baillieux, Global mobility assistant

Deployment Team

About the company

Global consultancy PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) operates in
approximately 142 countries around the world, employing more than 125,000
people. The deployment team is responsible for seconding staff around the
world, typically for two-year periods

The challenge

To bring cohesion to a global deployment programme, providing
staff with the best possible support, advice, information and services

What the company did

– Clear business cases developed for each assignment

– Developed a strategic overview of assignments

– Simplified compensation and allowances

– Allocated mentors for staff on assignment

– Created a database to track staff globally

Benefits and achievements

– Improvement in satisfaction measured by the employee survey

– Greater clarity around the purpose of individual assignments

– A 9 per cent rise in assignee satisfaction

– The team’s own profile has improved

Vance Kearney says: "A
superbly planned and executed international assignment programme firmly linked
to PwC’s business goals.  The HR team
completely revitalised and redesigned the global mobility strategy, resulting
in significantly enhanced satisfaction from assignees and senior management."

Canon Europe

The team

No. in HR team 11
Staff responsible for 11,000

Nigel Morton Head of HR, Europe
Ike Hara HR manager, expatriates
Joris de Haas HR business partner, CCI
Laura Moore European HR programme manager
John Ryrie General manager, HR strategy
Robin Verboom European remuneration and benefits manager
Alison Ward HR business partner, CBS
Rita Brockless European learning and development manager

HR Team

About the company

Canon was founded in 1937 and was the first company to develop
and produce 35mm cameras. These days, the company also supplies copiers and
printers, and employs more than 10,500 staff

The challenge

To establish Canon Europe as a world-class pan-European
organisation, with committed and competent employees

What the company did

– Introduced a dual reporting system

– Established a senior management development programme

– Aligned executive compensation to the transformation programme

– Developed knowledge-sharing between managers

– Appointed HR business partners

Benefits and achievements

– HR is now a recognised strategic business partner

– Created a more consistent business model

– Achieved better teamwork

Vance Kearney says:
"Canon embarked upon a huge challenge – a complete transformation from a
highly decentralised, loosely connected collection of businesses, to a cohesive
and consistently managed pan-European organisation. This was led by the new
European HR director of the HR function itself and the Canon organisation. The
changes have been implemented by the organisation’s development function within
Canon’s European human resources division. The HR team has effectively executed
a human resources strategy, and achieved the reali-sation of Canon’s overall
business strategy."

Standard Chartered Bank

The team

No. in HR safety team 50
Staff responsible for 30,000

Tim Miller Group head of HR
Geraldine Haley, Head of leadership development
June Ng, Senior manager, talent development
Christopher Wheeler, Regional head of HR
Mohini Subhedar, Senior manager, resourcing
Debbie Whitaker, Head of human capital management

Training and Re-engineering

About the company

Emerging markets specialist Standard Chartered employs more
than 29,000 people in about 500 offices across the globe. The bank services
consumer and wholesale customers and has a 150-year history in the sector

The challenge

To transform the function’s strategic capacity and maximise its
contribution to business performance

What the company did

– Implemented a new global HR structure

– Set up centres of excellence

– Introduced an HR shared-service centre

– Brought in leadership forums

– Standardised HR product management

Benefits and achievements

– Rolled out HR system to 20,000 users globally

– Aligned HR to business needs

– Introduced a central database and shared service centre to
manage transactional HR

– Achieved savings of $8m (£4.7m) and could save as much as
$16m (£9.46m) by the end of this year

Vance Kearney says:
"Standard Chartered Bank has designed and built a complete global HR
strategy and platform for people management from first principles in the
context of the business. That strategy begins with the design of a five-year
human capital roadmap, which integrates the talent management process, change
management methodologies, performance management systems and reward
strategies.  Standard Chartered Bank has
developed an outstanding global HR strategy. 
It is truly global, encompasses the entire HR remit, and is
strategically aligned with the business goals."

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