DTI welcomes report on making the most of people assets

and industry secretary Patricia Hewitt has welcomed a new report which explains
how companies can make the most of their workforce by evaluating human
resources on a more strategic, corporate level.

Accounting for People Taskforce, headed by Denise Kingsmill, has launched its
findings, after being instructed to build on existing best practice and develop
practical guidance on people measurement in January.

taskforce has released a report containing a series of recommendations on how
organisations can strategically measure and evaluate the workforce as a
business asset.

said: "Many factors combine to make a truly great company. However, at the
centre of any outstanding organisation, you will find its most valuable and
important asset – people.

best UK companies already understand that smart people management underpins
their business performance strategy and overall success.

partnership in the workplace such as work-life balance policies, regular staff
dialogue and promoting equal opportunities together with encouraging training
and development can help raise productivity.

Government will now consider the specific recommendations in the Accounting for
People report and respond in due course.


By Ross Wigham

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