Skills crisis exacerbated by failure to train staff

More than one third of employers do not offer their workers training, despite government incentives to help them, according to a TUC report.

This leaves Britain’s workplaces facing a skills crisis with nearly 8.5 million workers without training, the 2020 Vision for Skills report claims.

Of those who do receive training, only 11.5% gain a nationally recognised qualification, it warns.

According to the report, the UK’s skills crisis can be solved if employers and the government invest more in adult skills, provide statutory paid time off for workers to train, and give unions and workers a stronger voice in workplace skills bargaining.

The report is published ahead of an independent review of skills needs for 2020, conducted by businessman Lord Leitch. His findings are expected to be released in November.

Brendan Barber, TUC general secretary, said: “Employers should stop complaining so much about the skills levels of their staff and spend more on training them. Despite many government incentives one in three employers is denying training to millions of workers who need it most.

“And the government must legislate to make sure that workers get paid time off to train. Britain’s unions are already working in partnership with large numbers of employers to reskill their workforces. Government investment has helped this process and it must be increased.”

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