Skills for Logistics relicensed as sector skills council

Skills for Logistics has been relicensed as a sector skills council, the government has announced.

Sector skills councils are employer-led bodies, which aim to enable employers to exert influence on the UK’s education and skills systems to ensure they meet their needs.

Skills for Logistics has gone through an assessment process led by the UK Commission for Employment and Skills (UKCES), and has been successful in its application for a further licence to operate.

The relicensing process is overseen and managed by UKCES through a panel chaired by Charlie Mayfield, who is also chairman of the John Lewis Partnership. He said: “Sector skills councils are the principal mechanism by which employers can exert influence over the UK’s education, skills and training systems. As such, it is vitally important that they operate effectively.

“The relicensing process has been designed to ensure just this, and the announcement that Skills for Logistics has reached the required standards is an endorsement of their effectiveness.”

A total of 21 sector skills councils have so far undergone the relicensing process, with just one – Skillfast UK, which covers the fashion and textiles sector – not meeting the required standard.

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