Asda tackles discrimination against migrant workers

Asda today announced plans to work with Unite the union to tackle discrimination against migrant workers.

The supermarket chain will require its UK meat and poultry suppliers to stop paying migrant workers less than UK nationals for the same work, reports the Guardian.

Asda is also to ask suppliers to end the culture of bullying and harassment common to much of the meat supply sector.

The arrangement will affect all 29 companies which supply meat to Asda.

The supermarket will insist its suppliers create permanent jobs for agency workers after a fixed period.

Asda has also asked its suppliers to deal with unacceptable practices highlighted by the unions, including migrant workers having to clock off for toilet breaks and being forced to share colleagues’ safety boots.

Asda’s move comes ahead of an Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) report into conditions in the UK meat sector.

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