Skills shortages are London businesses’ top concern

Nearly half of London’s business owners see addressing skills shortages as their number one priority, according to research.

A survey of more than 900 small and medium-sized businesses in the capital reveals that 43% believe addressing the shortage of skilled workers is still needed in order to make London the best place for businesses and entrepreneurs to excel.

The survey, conducted by support service Business Link for London, shows personal mentoring schemes are the preferred training approach, cited by 38% of business owners.

Judith Rutherford, chief executive of Business Link for London, said: “Senior managers in small and medium-sized businesses recognise the value of training for themselves, but because they are so busy they find it difficult to fit it in and are sometimes put off by the cost. 

“The challenge for business leaders is to recognise that their own leadership skills are crucial to the success and growth of their business.”

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