Skills strategy for London’s hospitality sector launched by mayor Ken Livingstone

Mayor of London Ken Livingstone has launched the capital’s hospitality skills strategy to boost opportunities in hospitality, leisure, travel and tourism in London ahead of the 2012 Olympic Games.

The strategy was prepared by People1st – the sector skills council responsible for the hospitality sector – and sets out a 10-point plan of priorities.

These include developing the right qualifications and improving the calibre of staff and customer service levels across the sector.

Key to the strategy is the Skills Passport, which enables staff to build up a record of their skills, experience and qualifications.

Employers will also have internet access to the employee’s skills and training account, where they can view a comprehensive list of qualifications and training courses they have taken.

Livingstone said: “For the next few years leading up to the 2012 Games and beyond, London will be the focus of the world.

“We are expecting a huge increase in the many millions of tourists who currently visit our capital from abroad and from around the UK, and we must grasp the opportunity to ensure we offer a first-class welcome to everyone.”

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