Sleep deprivation driving workforce over the edge

average employee misses out two hours sleep a week, new research reveals, and
this has a detrimental effect on their ability to perform at work.

survey of 500 workers, from a variety of occupations, by Premier Lodge Hotels,
shows that people sleep, on average, 6.5 hours a night – far less than the
commonly held belief that 8.5 hours of sleep is required.

of workers admit they cannot function properly with less than two proper
night’s sleep before it affects their work, 50 per cent said sleeplessness has
a definite effect on their overall happiness and 65 per cent say they get
grumpy if two nights are disturbed in the seven-day week. The average person
feels moody about seven times a day – that’s more than 2,500 grumps a year.

are also contributing to stress, the study claims.

workers take an average of four breaks a year, but a third of people feel
stressed at the thought of taking a full week or more away from work.

Whiteside, psychiatrist and author of the Little Book of Happiness, said: “The
work-hard, play-hard ethic is all very well, but it can take its toll. More
time for a proper night sleep and regular short breaks for rest and recreation
make admirable sense. The message is simple: take time out or burn out. Your
happiness, and that of those around you, will be much more secure.”

By Quentin Reade

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