Teleworking guide homes in on good practice

joint initiative by the DTI, unions and employer organisations has led to the
publication of guidance on teleworking within the public sector.

in the public sector has increased staff satisfaction and boosted retention
rates, and lead to enhanced productivity.

CBI, TUC and CEEP UK (the Centre for European Enterprises with Public
Participation and Services of General Interest), collaborated with the DTI to
produce the guide.

Nolda, executive director of the Employers’ Organisation for Local Government
(EO) and CEEP UK’s representative said: “We can rightly be proud of the
constructive way in which this guidance has been drafted and to be among the
first countries to implement this European accord. It will provide a useful
tool for organisations considering developing their teleworking practices.”

full text of the teleworking guidance is available on the EO website:

members of CEEP UK

The National Association of Regional Employers

The Employers’ Organisation for Local Government.

The Local Government Association

The Northern Ireland Local Government Association

The NHS Executive

The Cabinet Office

Transport for London

Society of Chief Personnel Officers is an associate member.

By Quentin Reade

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