Snowdrop and Sage link up for greater efficiency

Two of the UK’s leading software suppliers, Sage UK and Snowdrop Systems, have established a link between Snowdrop’s Evergreen HR software solution and the Sage Line 500 and 1000 Payroll solutions.

The link follows Sage’s acquisition of the mid-market HR and Payroll solutions provider in May 2007.

A standard link between systems ensures that clients benefit from increased data integrity, whilst reducing the level of data entry.

It will also assist each company in providing maximum convenience and flexibility for customers.

The link works by synchronising data from each system without user intervention.

This eliminates discrepancies between systems to ensure data accuracy.

For example, a new employee entered in Snowdrop Evergreen will automatically be set up in Sage, with any changes to core employee information such as addresses, bank accounts and salaries also transferred.

In addition, when employees are marked as leavers in Snowdrop, this information will be passed to Sage: reducing both exposure to risk and unnecessary administration.

The link will also ensure that vital payment details, such as salary updates and bank account changes, are consistent across the systems.

Jayne Archbold, General Manager for Snowdrop, comments:

“Links between Sage and Snowdrop are important for both organisations to provide truly efficient solutions for HR and Payroll professionals. Snowdrop is primarily a conduit for HR professionals to harness the information available to them for superior employee motivation and support. With the confidence in information accuracy that this link brings, customers are further freed to provide an exceptional service to employees.”

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