Software will help diagnose cancer

Doctors around the world will be using online learning to train them in potentially life-saving software that helps to diagnose colon and lung cancer.

Medicsight, a pioneer in computer assisted reading (CAR) medical imaging software, will be using OutStart Trainer software as a tool to convert existing learner materials into interactive web-based programmes.

Medicsight will create individual courses for each medical imaging product, and offer 10-minute ‘snapshot’ courses on specific elements of the Medicsight application. As the courses will be available online, doctors can access them where and when they want, rather than having to attend full-day face-to-face classroom-based sessions.

Medicsight reviewed a number of desktop authoring tools before choosing OutStart Trainer. It was chosen for its ease of use and its ability to embed video and voice into programmes to bring online training to life.

“We were regularly providing face-to-face training sessions to doctors at installations all over the world, so we could familiarise them with our lung and colon CAR applications,” explains David Whelbourn, customer services director at Medicsight.

“This was costly for both parties, and not the most effective way for doctors to learn, as in some instances, they only needed to train up on specific elements of the application.

“Online learning will significantly reduce our costs in terms of travel and time, and initial feedback from doctors trialling sample online courses has been very positive.”

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