South East finance sector staff feeling the strain

services’ workers in the south east of England feel more stressed than
colleagues in other parts of the country, according to the finance union Unifi.

survey of union members in London and the South East showed 99 per cent
sometimes felt stressed at work, compared to 78 per cent nationally.

85 per cent believed stress was having a negative impact on their home and
family life, with 82 per cent arguing it was having a negative impact on their
working lives.

Sweeney, Unifi general secretary, said: "Finance staff in London and the
South East are skipping their lunch breaks, coming in early and staying late.
The region is a stress hotspot and the pressure on staff is intense."

argued the main reason was that under-staffing is acute in the South East,
while the widespread use of temporary workers caused an extra burden on
full-time staff, who were constantly having to train new colleagues.

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