Speed Lead – Faster, simpler ways to manage people, projects and teams in complex companies

Author: Kevan Hall
Price: £20
Publisher: Nicholas Brealey Publishing
Pages: 210
ISBN: 1857883748

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Speed Lead is full of ideas, activities, tools and checklists to help managers review and audit how they manage their direct reports. It is, however, mostly applicable to managers who work with remote, matrix, multicultural or multinational teams.

The challenges of working with direct reports or team members in different time zones and cultural environments are clearly articulated, along with practical suggestions about how to manage working relationships in these circumstances to get optimal productivity.

The book is structured around what the author describes as the four Cs: co-operation, communication, control and community. Each of these elements is clearly explained, with good examples from the author’s personal work history, and ideas for maximising the efficiency and effectiveness of teams and work groups under each of these circumstances.

The book is accessible, easy to read and practically written. I can see that for managers who work in these challenging environments it would be a book they would constantly revisit for ideas.

On first read, however, the dazzling array of tools, checklists and practical hints can leave the reader with a dilemma of wanting to do too many things all at once. Prioritising could be a challenge.

I found the book gave me cause to examine how I manage, and I was able to take away some practical ideas that I will apply in my own working environment.

Useful? five out of five stars

Well-written? three out of five stars 

Practical? four out of five stars

Inspirational? four out of five stars

Value for money? four out of five stars

Overall four out of five stars

Reviewed by Sue Chew, director of organisational development, EDF Energy

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