Sport agency to select ‘elite coaches’ for nation’s athletes

UK Sport has appointed HR consultancy DDI to select a team of ‘elite coaches’ who will help lead the nation to sporting success.

The agency charged by the Government with developing high performance sport in the UK wants 10 exceptional coaches to take part in an accelerated development programme.

The selection process involves a ‘day in the life’ assessment centre. It involves structured, timed exercises that recreate situations and challenges that those selelcted will face, such as decision-making and performance management.

The successful candidates will join a programme where they will work hands-on with athletes, other coaches and support staff. They will also have the chance to work within the business and performance arts communities, learning from the best performers in these areas.

UK Sport acting chief executive and director of performance, Liz Nicholl, said: “Our coaches are vital to produce sporting success on the international stage. While we already have talented coaches in the UK, we now have the opportunity to make the best even better.”

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