Staff distrust employers on privacy of personal data

Almost a quarter of employees in Britain feel their employers do not care about their privacy, with 10% of employees admitting to distrusting the people who have access to their personal data, research has revealed.

The survey, commissioned by data management company Network Appliance, found more than 40% of the 1,000 employees surveyed think they either do not believe or do not know whether their company has the security systems and competency to protect their personal data.

Mark Stevens, UK area vice president, said: “Employers often hold a great deal of personal data on file for their staff. This can include their bank account details, address and date of birth information as well as family information and even medical records.

“This research indicates that employees have limited faith in their employer’s ability to protect their confidential information. In many cases this could be caused by the fact that businesses have inconsistent data management and security in place which means that parts of the business remain vulnerable to security breaches.”

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