Staff involvement is vital to get changes working

Seventy-five per cent of organisational change efforts fail because of lack
of employee commitment, according to a leading business school.

However, it is claimed that sustainable high performance can come from just
six key elements. The potential barriers to change include change-weariness,
lack of leadership and support, poor communications, a legacy of failure,
short-termism, poor implementation and inappropriate skill levels. Yet all this
can be overcome if organisations followed six simple steps, according to
business school, Roffey Park.

At the conference, Roffey’s head of research, Linda Holbeche, launched a
six-piece model for sustainable high performance, which she said identifies the
key factors that can enable more people, more often, to perform at high levels.

The High Performance Organisation Checklist:

– engendering employee ownership and commitment

– creating a knowledge-rich context for innovation

– working across geographic and mindset boundaries

– unleashing employee potential

– responding to workers’ needs for work-life balance, development and career

– building trust and ‘walking the talk’.

"Regardless of whether the change [in an organisation] is a major
restructuring, the integration of a merger or acquisition, or the replacement
of personnel, managers need to understand the different interests involved and
overcome resistance," said Holbeche.

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