Staff know colleagues better than partners

Over three-quarters of London
office workers say they know more about their desk neighbours than their own
partners, according to a new survey.

Recruitment consultancy Office
Angels questioned 1,500 office employees and employers across the UK, and found
that many people share more with workmates than they do with partners, closest
friends or family.

The survey found that the most
popular topic of conversation in London offices is relationships, with 55 per
cent of workers sharing their personal lives with colleagues.

Work issues take second place
with 48 per cent of employees discussing problems, health and fitness come in
at 46 per cent, soaps and celebrity gossip at 42 per cent, news headlines at 40 per cent, and money
worries at 38 per cent.

In all, 72 per cent of
Londoners believe their personal lives benefit from colleagues’ advice on
relationship problems.

The survey also found that 70
per cent of employers believe staff satisfaction can be linked to office
seating plans, and 35 per cent of employees admit they become extremely
distracted by stressed desk neighbours.

Consequently, employers have
become more responsive to staff requests regarding seating arrangements, the
report said.

Paul Jacobs, UK operations
director at Office Angels, said: "The chemistry between people in the
workplace is fundamental to creating a happy office environment but is often
seen as less important than décor and equipment considerations. Staff productivity and satisfaction
levels will be maximised if employers address the basics of staff dynamics."

Quentin Reade

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