Staff ready to go extra mile to land dream job

More than one third of employees in the UK would gladly double their journeys to work in return for improved job satisfaction and security.

According to research by commercial property company MDA, 37% of people would change their jobs for a role they would enjoy more and feel secure in, even if that meant adding two hours to their journey time each day.

Almost half of the 600 people surveyed voted job security their top priority in their working lives. Salary was beaten into third place behind job satisfaction.

A quarter of respondents to the survey said they were unaware of any plans their employers might have for their career progression and, as a result, 12% believed their jobs were under threat.

Interestingly, only 17% of those questioned felt completely secure in their positions and could see themselves working for the same company in five years’ time.

Mark Evans, director at MDA, said: “Companies should be spending more time and money consulting regularly with staff to ensure they feel valued and that their talents are being put to the best use.

“Without the prospect of promotion or bonuses for hard work, some employees feel that their careers are going nowhere,” said Evans. “As a result, they would happily go the extra distance to feel secure and happy in a job.”

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