Stars hold the key to career success

One third of job seekers
believe that their career is based around their star sign, according to

Over 30 per cent of those
polled by recruiters Pertemps feel that their star signs are suited to
different careers and 6 per cent had actually visited an astrologer.

Forty-two per cent felt that
astrology could help companies understand the causes of stress and how it
affects different people.

“Astrology can help individuals
decide if they will like a particular job or fit in with company’s culture. It
can see if a person thrives on pressure or if distractions and deadlines lead
to stress,” commented astrologer Carolynn Townsend on the findings.

She added, “It can indicate if
an employee needs approval and praise to flourish in their work, if they are
natural leaders or shy away from responsibility.”

Just under 300 job seekers were

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