Stress levels in the workplace rising globally

Workplace stress levels are rising across the world with research showing
seven out of 10 women would sacrifice income for more time.

The research by career management network Arbora shows that a third of
businesses internationally have no flexible working policy.

Companies with more liberal policies on working hours, telecommuting and
better work-life balance – mainly in the US and Scandinavia – reported lower
stress levels among staff.

The average working week was found to be 50 hours long among the 1,000
companies in 24 countries surveyed.

Most managers reported stress levels were rising annually due to normal
business rather than exceptional circumstances.

Dr Diana Winstanley, senior lecturer in HR Management at Imperial College
Management School, noted that organisations must think strategically about the
short and long term use of staff.

"People-centred policies, which avoid burn-out, are sustainable over
the long term," she said.

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