Stressed-out employees are losing sleep

22 per cent of Britain’s employees are losing sleep because of pressure and
stress at work, new research reveals.

and middle management are the worst affected with 28 per cent admitting their
working day has a negative impact on sleep.

findings are contained in new research by management company Vielife, which
looked at the sleeping patterns of more than 1,000 working people.

climbing the career ladder, typically aged between 25 and 44, were more likely
to suffer job-related sleeping problems. More than a quarter in this group
claimed to suffer from sleeplessness brought on by worries caused by work.

majority of sufferers continue without help and only a third said their
employer offered any kind of system to deal with workplace stress and its
impact on sleep.

Pinter, managing director of Vielife, said that disturbed sleep could have a
profound impact on personal and corporate performance: "At a time when the
annual cost of work-related illness to British business is estimated to be
£12bn, employers must adopt a preventative approach, recognising the symbiotic
relationship between employee well-being and organisational performance,"
he said.

losing sleep because of work seems to be something of a geographical problem,
affecting just 14 per cent in the North, compared to 28 per cent in Wales and
25 per cent in London.

By Ross Wigham

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