Supermarket managers win unfair dismissal claim

than 60 former Sainsbury’s supermarket managers have won their claim for unfair
dismissal against the firm.

61 executives were sacked by the food retailer last January after the company
claimed they lacked the qualities to run a store, according to online news
service Ananova.

managers were given 48 hours to agree to a half-day assessment, which would
have decided their future, or leave with a severance package.

in a written submission to the tribunal sitting in Watford, Paul Gilroy, representing
the managers said Sainsbury’s had already made up its mind who would go.

former Sainsbury’s managers are seeking reinstatement to their original posts.

tribunal panel was deciding the final outcome of the case, which could include
reinstatement to their former jobs, re-employment with the company elsewhere,
or compensation which could run into several million pounds.

By Ben Willmott

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