Survey aims to prove if UK’s work-life balance woes are just a fad

Workers across the UK are being asked to give their views on the ups and downs of working life in a national survey.

The researchers behind the 24-7 Survey hope employees in the UK will share their good and bad experiences in an attempt to discover more information about the true nature of modern working life.

The survey is an annual research project conduced by the Work Life Balance Centre, based in Leicestershire in collaboration with Keele University, Staffordshire University and Coventry University.

Julie Hurst, director of the Work Life Balance Centre, said: “There is some debate at present as to whether work-life balance is a major headache for British business or a modern fad that finds problems where they do not actually exist.”

Last year’s survey found that more eight out of 10 workers felt they could not cope with the demands made of them some of the time. More than half of respondents felt they had suffered ill health as a result of stress at work.

The results of the survey are collated into a final report which will be sent out to about 3,000 companies, universities and business support organisations to provide a basis for tackling the problems associated with poor work-life balance.

The online survey is launched on Thursday 28 September. To take part, visit All data is completely confidential.

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