Survey backs call for temps directive amendment

More evidence that employers are opposed to the draft EU Agency Workers
Directive has been uncovered in an internet survey.

Nearly two-thirds of the firms surveyed by were against the
proposed EU Agency Worker’s Directive, saying it would have a detrimental
impact on the number of temps they employ.

A quarter of companies surveyed reveal they are employing more temporary
workers than ever since the downturn to help them through busy periods.

The research, released during temps week, follows the Manpower/Personnel
Today survey that shows that most employers believe the directive would damage
their business and UK plc.

The draft directive will give temporary workers the right to the same pay
and conditions as permanent employees after just six weeks of employment.
Personnel Today is calling for the six week qualification period to be raised
to one year of continuous employment. To contribute to the Government’s
consultation on the directive visit

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