Survey signals confusion over retirement issue

Chief executives should be forced to retire before 65, according to more
than three-quarters of people taking part in a survey by the Employers Forum on

But when asked about their personal retirement plans, nearly 75 per cent of
respondents say they should be allowed to choose when they stop working.

Retirement in the 21st Century reveals that 40 per cent of respondents want
retirement ages abolished altogether.

Nearly half of the 1,000 surveyed believe a set retirement age encourages
age discrimination.

A similar proportion, however, think that politicians and judges should
retire at 60. Only one in 10 believe these professions should carry no maximum
age limit.

Sam Mercer, campaign director for the EFA, said, "There seems to be
mass confusion and unrealistic expectations of being able to work for 30 years
and retire for 30 years. This is clearly not sustainable and it is a situation
that will only get worse."

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