Survey uncovers bawdy antics in the boardroom

The boardroom is becoming more like a late night comedy club, if the latest
research is to be believed.

The use of slang, mild swearing and cracking of politically incorrect jokes
are now deemed acceptable in many business situations, according to the majority
of company directors in the Aziz Management Communications Index.

The research reveals that 57 per cent of the 200 company directors surveyed
think that politically-incorrect but funny jokes should be allowed in internal
conversations and meetings, and a further 17 per cent believe they should be
allowed at any time.

Nearly two-thirds of respondents think slang should be permitted in internal
meetings and 21 per cent believe it is acceptable at any time. The use of mild
swear words is deemed acceptable by 45 per cent of directors in informal
meetings and by a further 14 per cent in all situations.

Women are more likely than men to take offence at politically incorrect

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