Swap a Book drive to raise literacy levels

Employers are being urged to promote adult literacy in a book-swapping

The National Reading Campaign is targeting the workplace with its Swap a
Book promotion to encourage reading.

Nearly half of adults say they do not have enough time to read as much as
they would like.

A number of organisations are preparing events, some encouraging senior
executives to swap titles with junior staff. The Foreign Office is setting up
swap boxes for staff to choose books and make donations to the charity Book Aid
International. And army units are putting book swap boxes in their guardrooms.

Yell is holding its second Bring-a-Book-to-Work Day at its Slough
headquarters. David Uppington, head of HR operations, said, "A day like
this breaks down barriers in the workplace. Everyone chatted to someone new and
lots of us discovered common interests. And it certainly raised our profile in
the local community."


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