Swedes living the life of Riley

get more time off than other Europeans, according to Germany’s IW economic

a survey of holidays taken by staff in 2003 in 14 European countries, the
Cologne-based think-tank said Sweden (33 days) was closely followed by The
Netherlands (31) and Denmark (30).

the other end of the scale are the Greeks, defying their lazy Mediterranean
stereotype with 23 days leave on average. The Irish are the hardest working of
all, driving the Celtic tiger economy with just 20 days off in 2003.

said Germans take an average of 29 days off per year, although time off is
generally shorter in former East Germany and among younger staff.

staff  take an average of 24.5 days off
work. This is the joint third lowest number of days along with Portugal,
although it is close to the European average.

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