TalentPuzzle partnership translates to improved recruiting at ALPHA CRC

Translation is an undervalued profession with a huge void in good candidates, which makes it extremely difficult to source the right calibre of candidates.  Conscious of this, ALPHA CRC had built up a strong recruitment ecosystem to create the best opportunities of attracting suitable candidates. This ecosystem includes recruiting through their own website, translation associations, universities across Europe, specialist HR agencies and foreign government employment agencies.

However, ALPHA CRC still wasn’t seeing enough good candidates to fill all roles available. They therefore decided that an additional source was needed towards finding talent, while at the same time supporting and enhancing its existing recruitment ecosystem.

Like many businesses, ALPHA CRC faced increasing time and cost constraints when it came to recruitment. ALPHA CRC wanted to be able to speak to a greater number of recruitment providers in order to widen their net of candidates, as they felt that many recruitment agencies had become complacent, often not researching the company or position and sending irrelevant and unqualified CVs. At the same time, managing the recruitment agencies was a time-consuming activity, first with unsolicited calls from agencies wanting to work on the available positions, and secondly giving them detailed candidate feedback. ALPHA CRC didn’t want this to add to the already significant amount of time they were spending managing the existing recruitment ecosystem.

Facing this recruitment challenge ALPHA CRC approached online recruitment marketplace TalentPuzzle. With a number of different positions requiring various specialist and technical skills, TalentPuzzle enabled ALPHA CRC to reach out to a greater number of recruitment agencies, for free and anonymously, without the need to place adverts on a number of different sites.

Using TalentPuzzle’s tendering platform, ALPHA CRC was able to state the percentage of salary it was willing to pay recruitment agencies once a position was successfully filled. This not only gave ALPHA CRC consistency across all agencies with regard to payment fees, but also allowed ALPHA CRC to keep costs low.

With TalentPuzzle’s auction style system, recruitment agencies were more energised, working harder for Alpha’s business. The power was back with ALPHA CRC who could choose the agencies it wanted to work with, which in turn ensured Alpha received more relevant and qualified candidates as agencies fought for its business.

Furthermore, with a dedicated workspace on TalentPuzzle.com, ALPHA CRC can view the status of each job listed and respond to agencies, thereby creating a system that is easy to manage. This ensures that ALPHA CRC benefits from an efficient and effective service.

Although the challenges of the translation industry are still very much apparent, TalentPuzzle has given ALPHA CRC a new opportunity to speak with a larger pool of recruitment agencies. This in turn has enabled ALPHA CRC to attract and make contact with skilled candidates faster. With two positions quickly filled, ALPHA CRC has advertised a further 19 jobs to the TalentPuzzle community.

“TalentPuzzle has given us more control of our recruitment process; we no longer have to negotiate a fee with agencies as we can just state the percentage we’re willing to pay. Also, its sleek and simple user interface enables us to keep better track of the various placements advertised and the agencies’ responses,” commented Isabelle Weiss, founder and director of translation and HR, ALPHA CRC.



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