Tasty topic for opening HR Directors Club

 In-flight caterer Gate Gourmet has rarely been out of the media spotlight these past few months. Don’t miss your chance to hear about its challenges when Richard Wells, the firm’s vice-president for HR Europe, is the guest speaker at the first Personnel Today HR Directors Club breakfast briefing of 2006.

Wells’ original key area of focus at Gate Gourmet was working with the unions at Heathrow, setting up joint action teams to look for cost-saving opportunities and shaping a change programme to turn around a business that was making a substantial loss. He participated in all the negotiations with the Heathrow unions and was on site last August when the wildcat strike took place.

Members of the club who would like to hear what really happened, what the future holds for Gate Gourmet and what HR can learn from the experience, should attend the next HR Directors Club Breakfast Briefing on 23 February.

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