Tata and Dave Vance design simulation senior learning professionals

Tata Interactive Systems and Dave Vance design ‘TopSim Learning Manager’, the first ever one-day training simulation for effective and efficient management of corporate learning.


Tata Interactive Systems (TIS) and Caterpillar University’s former president Dave Vance have collaborated to design and create a simulation – TopSim Learning Manager – for decision makers in the learning function of an organisation. The simulation allows participants to run their organisation’s learning function like a business, making strategic and tactical decisions, affecting the organisation’s training and learning strategies as well as their deployment.


According to TIS’s President, Simulations, Manoj Kutty: “Learning Manager creates a simulated environment where users can make learning decisions and see the benefits and/or repercussions in real time. Participants can map their strategy to the key challenges faced by their organisation, develop a business plan for learning and use decision-making and cost-benefit analysis tools to maximise the impact of learning.”


This day-long Learning Manager workshop, conducted by Dave Vance, is intended mainly for CLOs, training directors, and senior learning professionals. It also helps consultants and HR managers who want to provide better guidance to learning professionals.


Vance said: “The partnership has created a highly engaging simulation which gives professionals an opportunity to practise the key concepts of strategic alignment, programme selection and prioritisation. It even allows cost-benefit analysis.


“The key benefit of instruction combined with simulation is the immediate practise of new skills, providing both the knowledge and the confidence to apply these concepts back in the office.”


TIS’s simulations have improved financial results and return on investment (ROI) by teaching participants to make better investment decisions and then to apply that knowledge in relevant situations. The workshops offer an enhanced understanding of the enterprise-wide consequences of business and learning decisions.

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