Teaching careers attract managers facing redundancy

People are looking to careers in teaching to help them through the economic crisis, official figures show.

Sector skills council Lifelong Learning UK saw enquiries about teacher training courses soar by 41% in a month.

The body polled more than 2,000 managers across the UK, and found that more than half of them would value a job that would allow them to make a difference.

Nearly 70% of managers admitted their current job was not their dream career, and almost 80% admitted to being indifferent or outright depressed at the thought of staying in their current career until retirement. One in four said they would consider a new career in management in the education sector.

Alan Clarke, sector engagement manager at Lifelong Learning UK, said: “Economic events have led many people to re-evaluate their careers. With the threat of redundancy ever present, many UK managers are actively looking to explore alternative career paths.”

He added: “A career in further education offers similar challenges to the private sector and enjoys competitive financial remuneration too.”

Lifelong Learning UK’s Make a Difference campaign aims to encourage management candidates from all sectors to consider further developing their careers by taking up management roles in the further education sector.

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