Team coaching gains popularity

companies are now using team coaching, a new survey reveals.

consultants’ Hay surveyed 350 HR directors from top FTSE companies and leading
public sector organisations about their views on and use of leadership
development initiatives.

than a third of respondents are now complementing individual coaching and
360-degree feedback with dedicated team coaching.

Gruhn, head of leadership development and coaching at Hay said: "Team
coaching helps to observe how individuals respond to particular team situations
and reveals telling patterns in ‘whole group’ behaviour.

coaching usually forms a component of a wider suite of methods for developing
leadership potential – it cannot be a magic bullet used on its own".

study revealed that senior managers are the most likely group to undergo any
form of leadership development training or coaching. This group is viewed by
organisations as the most critical lever for future business success.

to Gruhn, however, it is also significant that as many as one quarter of
organisations surveyed are now also investing in programmes for middle
managers. "This reflects a growing interest in managing and developing
talent at all levels and helping employees link their own role to organisational

By Quentin Reade

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