Team Metrics – Resources for Measuring and Improving Team Performance

Title: Team Metrics – Resources for Measuring and Improving Team Performance
Authors: Mike Woodcock and Dave Francis
Publisher: Gower Publishing
Pages: 318
Price: 299
ISBN: 0 566 08640 9


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This book has 27 tried-and-tested audits, questionnaires and surveys for assessing teams. This is one resource that must be in the armoury of every team and leadership trainer.

It includes materials for assessing team effectiveness, leadership skills, team development, motivation, team roles, team culture and more.

This series of resources also provides the metrics or instruments for assessing ‘top team’ performance and for facilitators. As the book states, it will help to answer the question of ‘how do we know how well we are doing?’.

It is extremely well organised and easy to follow and is one of the few resources in the area of team working, roles and leadership that can be recommended without hesitation. Each of the activities can be undertaken in about an hour – manageable for all teams.

Most trainers should start with the team facilitator’s competence audit – ideal for in-house facilitators. There is even a metric to decide whether or not to use an external facilitator. Again, this can be helpful in many organisations.

The CD-Rom that accompanies the book provides a PowerPoint presentation for the facilitator to use and develop the findings of the audits, questionnaires and surveys. This was not the most user-friendly software to operate, but it does contain huge amounts of information.

As a qualified trainer I found this to be very useful, very well-written, extremely practical and inspirational. At 299 this must be one of the investments of the year for anyone interested in team development, assessment and performance.

Useful? 5 stars
Well-written? 4 stars
Practical? 5 stars
Inspirational? 3 stars
Value for money? 5 stars

Reviewed by Ron Hancock, bursar and clerk, Bradford Grammar School

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