Tesco casts hiring net wider with online move

Supermarket chain Tesco is embracing online recruitment for the first time
as part of its nationwide search for more than 600 managers.

The company has also set up a designated contact centre to deal with
applicants’ enquiries and to track applications.

Applicants can apply online via Tesco’s website. Applications go straight to
the contact centre where they are screened and a shortlist drawn up for

David Fairhurst, resourcing director at Tesco, believes the Internet will
help monitor the application process.

"A candidate may not be accepted in their region if there are a lot of
quality candidates, but we can contact them and ask if they would be prepared
to work in a store further down the road, for example," he said.

Tesco, which promoted 800 employees to management positions last year, is
also looking for internal candidates.

"We are very proud of the number of staff we train, develop and
promote. But because of the rapid development of the company, we are unable to
pull enough of our own through, so we need external help," said Fairhurst

He added that the company wants to attract as diverse a pool of applicants
as possible.

"Tesco has a very diverse customer and employee base and this must be
reflected at management level," he said.

Tesco, which opens about 25 new superstores a year, employs nearly 180,000
employees at 692 sites across the UK.

By Paul Nelson

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