T&G signs recognition deal with cleaners at Canary Wharf

Transport and General Workers’ (T&G) union has signed a recognition
agreement with contract cleaning company ISS at Canary Wharf in London in its
bid to gain trade union representation for low-paid cleaning staff.

agreement, which was signed voluntarily by all parties, will cover 150 cleaners
working for ISS.

union said many of the cleaners at Canary Wharf earn as little as £5.40 an
hour. The T&G, along with the East London Communities Organisation, is
campaigning for a living wage of £6.70 for cleaners in London.

T&G has embarked on a recruitment drive of cleaners from all companies at
Canary Wharf, including CitiGroup, HSBC, Morgan Stanley, Barclays, the Bank of
America and Clifford Chance.

Woodley, T&G general secretary, said: "There are millions of
unorganised workers in the UK and the T&G is determined to reach them. This
recognition agreement represents a significant breakthrough in our

Davies, T&G union organiser, who negotiated the recognition agreement with
ISS, said: "Some of the most expensive office blocks in Europe are at
Canary Wharf. It houses some of the richest banks in the world that employ some
of the most highly-paid directors in Britain, while cleaners are employed on
poverty wages."

By Mike Berry

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